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My experience with Terry far exceeded my expectations in helping me organize my new home.  I found Terry to be energetic and professional, but most of all she really kept me motivated to get the job done.  Together we unpacked, sorted and put things in their proper place and when we were done, I was quite proud of my new home, especially my office!  It was so well organized I could sit down and get right to work on my many projects.  I would gladly use Terry’s services again and would recommend her to anyone in need of help getting their home or business organized.

David E. of DeSoto, MO

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It is with mixed feelings that I received my daughter’s announcement of her Mother’s Day gift to me this year.   During her long weekend visit home we would finally tackle the 50 years of accumulating chaos in my one car extended garage.  To make sure we actually accomplished the job, she had hired a professional organizer named Terry Capehart.  Oh, my!  There was no more putting it off…

Arriving right on time on an otherwise lovely spring day, Terry began to work her magic, quickly easing the concerns I had as we painlessly sorted boxes and items filled with old memories and some misplaced treasures.  Piles of boxes and bags went to charities or trash; the rest got organized!!  After 9 hours over a two-day period, the garage has been transformed.  I now enjoy my Mother’s Day present on a daily basis, thanks to my generous (and hard-working) daughter, and the kind and efficient Terry.

Valerie W. of St. Louis, MO

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Faced with the need to de-clutter and organize my apartment I was overwhelmed as a senior citizen with medical conditions that limited my stamina. It was necessary that I obtain the services of a professional organizer to accomplish the feat. I am so pleased with my selection of Terry Capehart (Organization in Bloom). She proved to be a blessing! Terry not only made the accomplishment the goal (de-clutter my home and efficiently organize its contents) possible, she implemented a strategy that made the process in attaining the goal STRESS-FREE. Terry’s methodical approach resulted in a rapid completion of the “de-cluttering phase” of the work. Terry facilitated the sorting and designation (“keep”, “pitch”, “donate”) of mountains of items, including over 800 books, years of reports and news articles, clothes, shoes, supplements, food, and office supplies. 

After the purge of disposable and no longer useful items, during the next phase of determining where and how to best store needed items, Terry’s expertise and creativity impressed me to no end. I could see my apartment gradually being transformed into a place that was more aesthetically appealing and one in which I could function better. When Terry completed the organization of my kitchen cabinets and drawers, bedroom dresser drawers, bedroom closet, hall closet/pantry and office space, I had to stand back and marvel at what had been accomplished. In addition to Terry’s organizational skills, her patience and sensitivity to to my health issues are deeply appreciated. She made a challenging project into an enjoyable experience for me. Terry left me with a well-organized home that is a source of pride.

Lartiva H. of St. Louis, MO

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Thanks so much for your help.  Your time was invaluable and organizational help was a lifesaver for us.  Thanks for keeping me moving and on task throughout our sessions.  I couldn’t have done it without you.  Your help made our home so much more ready to live in.  You truly have a gift!

Bruce R. of Lee's Summit, MO

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I enjoy my cleaned up closet every day.  Thanks again for helping me get it in shape.

Sandy F. of Glen Carbon, IL

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Thank you SO much!  I am now on a roll….I’ve delivered all the Goodwill piles.  I actually went through a couple of my Mom’s boxes.  I made an appointment for next Thursday at Second Sitting.  And…I cleaned out my refrigerator, freezer, and pantry…both upstairs.  Thank you for pushing me just enough to just get it done.  It feels great.  Now I want to have a party in my storage room.  You are awesome!

Georgia V. of Chesterfield, MO

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Terry is amazing in the many ways she helped us.  Not only did she completely organize our 4 bedroom house in several months, but she also suggested excellent people to go to for home repairs, donations, sale of silver and antiques, junk hauling, etc.  She is so nice and is always very professional.  She goes the extra mile to sort papers, kitchen items, garages, linens, donate clothes, get used furniture picked up, taking items to be shredded for us, and getting our whole house looking absolutely wonderful!  We give her our highest recommendation and she is also very reasonable.  She is the best!!  In addition, Terry’s organizing allowed us to get the maximum charitable donation on our tax returns, over $5,000 in tax refunds!

Amy M. and Gary B. of St. Louis, MO

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I couldn’t be more pleased. Now I can actually find things! Terry really has a knack for organizing and making full use of storage space.

Sarah S. of Kirkwood, MO

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When we were downsizing houses, Terry was very instrumental in helping us purge through our attic and bedroom closet.  In very practical and gentle ways she helped us decide garage sale items and keepsakes.  We made a great profit on our garage sale and donated over 30 bags of items to the Goodwill, which she also guided us to claim on our taxes! Terry has endless energy, but at the same time is very intuitive to your needs and timing.

Sheri R. of Lee's Summit, MO

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Creating an organized storage area in the lower level of our home is the best investment of time and money!  It is now an easy, and enjoyable task to get out holiday decorations as well as to locate any item needed in the storage area.  Terry’s organizational skills, professional demeanor and pleasant personality are the keys to any organizational project!

Jan M. of Sunset Hills, MO

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