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What is Organizing?

Organizing is making good decisions about what to do with your stuff.

Organizing is making good decisions about what to do with your time.

What does it cost?

We offer our services in two ways: Hourly, or Pre-paid Packages


Sometimes you don't know how far you want to go with a project or have a limited budget. In these cases, hourly organizing sessions might be the choice for you. There is a 3-hour minimum.

Pre-paid Packages

This is a great way to know your total costs from the very beginning. The scope of these sessions must be tightly controlled, so we can be successful in hitting the target. Your Action Plan will spell out all the details, and we'll have status checks throughout the process to stay on track.

Where do we start?

Before you sign anything or commit a single penny, we set up an Assessment and will make an Action Plan for your project. This will serve as the road map for our work.

How long will it take?

The duration of any project depends on its scope, for example, the number of target areas, the contents of the area, and even the final state that our client envisions.

Some projects we undertake can be completed in a 3-hour minimum session.  Larger projects take more time and sessions.  So much depends on how quickly you can make decisions and if you are willing to do “homework” between sessions.

If you want your office to be simpler to use, some clever techniques might get the results you want in just a few hours. If you’re moving after a lifetime in your home and have never cleared out anything in your large storage area, it may take considerably longer.

Can you provide me with client references?

Yes, just ask me.

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